SOH Melbourne are personalised, one of a kind candles. They are unique and create only the finest of fragrances for your pleasure. The pure soy wax is sourced from the finest soy bean farmers & our wicks are lead free.

Enjoy the experience with one of your own SOH products.

  • Copper Belvedere
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    SOH Melbourne

    $85.00 $51.00

    Copper Belvedere

    Copper Belvedere

    Copper Belvedere

    $85.00 $51.00

    SOH Melbourne is a fragrance mecca, housing beautiful hand made & poured soy wax candles.

    Tobacco & Rose a Dry wood fragrance with a strong fragrance throw.


    Available in a variety of fragrances


    Your first burn should take approximately 4 hours for the wax to melt its way to the sides of the glass.

    At this point blow out youcandle and completely let it reset before burning again. Why is this so important? Soy wax has a burn memory. Each time you burn your candle, burn to the very edge of the glass so that your candle doesn‰۪t tunnel.

    Each time you relight your candle trim off the mushroom and make sure your wick is around 1 cm high. This keeps the integrity of the wick in place. A perfect burning candle is all dependent on where the wick sits, It must always be in the centre.

    It is important to never leave a burning candle unattended. 

    Do not burn your candle all they way down, always leave 1 cm of wax at the bottom of the glass to risk the vessel overheating when empty.

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    - 390g


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